Nah then... A hearty welcome to Derby's premier folk music venue... The DHTMC, the full title being The Derby Heritage Traditional Music Club (affectionately known as 'The Gaol Folk Club') This is due to the unique nature of the chosen venue, The Old Derby Gaol!

At the Gaol you will experience the best in live, traditional music performances from many of the leading local exponents (Chris Orme, Jack Crawford, John Titford, Bill Wilkes and Pete Burnham to name just a few.) Plus special guest appearances from top national and international performers who will entertain, inspire and delight audience and performers alike! (See the 'What's on' page for details.)

You can also bring a song or two of your own if you wish - one of our main aims is to provide an opportunity for ordinary people to get up (or not) and perform an item - be it a song, a tune, a story, a dance (when there's room!) or even a joke! Or you can simply come and avail yourself of the 'entertainment' and renowned atmosphere and maybe sing along with the choruses!

So why not pay us a regular visit on the third Thursday of every month? (Except August.) We promise that you will not be disappointed and you will be made very welcome...

Keith Kendrick and Paul Slater
For more details contact:

Tel. (Home): 01335-345675
Tel. (Mobile): 07885-345367
Email: Keith Kendrick

Tel. (Home): 01332-573397
Email: Paul Slater

Click here for a location map.
Parking is available on the Agard St. Tax Office car park.